Bill White

August 2012 – Present

Independent Contractor
◾ Kitchener, Ontario

Mobile Application and Web Developer

  • Designed and developed a multi-platform video game for PC, Mac, Web and Mobile (iOS and Android) with Unity3D and C#
  • Developed 3D virtual environments, characters, graphics, animations, projections, particle systems, colliders and game physics using primarily Unity3D, C#, Blender and GIMP
  • Designed and developed multiple prototypes for a mobile (iOS and Android) including a fitness app for a leading European publishing company, a retail sales app, etc.
  • Developed several web sites with HTML, PHP and JavaScript

Key Technologies Used:

  • C#, C++, Unity3D, Android, iOS, GLSL, HLSL, OpenGL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.Net, XML, Git, Blender, GIMP

Nov 2009 – August 2012

Brock Solutions
◾ Kitchener, Ontario

Software Engineer

  • Designed and developed cutting edge software and baggage handling systems for some of the world's busiest airports (JFK, ATL, DTW, YVR) using primarily C#, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio
  • Developed real-time tracking systems utilizing infra-red technology
  • Participated in the requirements gathering, design, development, testing, debugging, shipping, installation and support of systems working both independently and as a member of a team throughout the entire SDLC
  • Designed the UI, back end code, databases, reports and web services
  • Frequently worked on-site at airports installing servers and network equipment as well as testing and debugging live systems
  • Often worked with clients discussing their needs, suggesting solutions and putting together Functional Specifications, Change Orders, Test Plans and other contract documentation

Key Technologies Used:

  • C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server 2008, 3rd party libraries (Infragistics, GTP.NET, jQuery, LiveControls AJAX Toolkit), XML, HTML, Crystal Reports, web services, Subversion (SVN), Allen Bradley PLCs, RSLogix

Mar 2005 – June 2009

Competitive Edge
Information Systems
◾ Waterloo, Ontario

Software Developer

  • Designed and developed custom software and database solutions for small to medium sized businesses using primarily VB6 and SQL Server
  • Designed the UI and back end code throughout the entire software development lifecycle
  • Occasionally worked independently at clients offices discussing their requirements, suggesting solutions and installing systems
  • Developed an airport management system used at several airports, sales forecasting and inventory management systems for a large international manufacturer, a web based reservation and feedback system and numerous other information and business management systems for clinics, retail stores, municipal governments and other organizations

Key Technologies Used:

  • VB6, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server 2005, MS Access, T-SQL, XML, Crystal Reports, web services, Visual Source Safe (VSS)

Sept 2002 – Jan 2003

Sybase iAnywhere
◾ Waterloo, Ontario

Software Tester (co-op)

  • Hired to manually test software for bugs and functionality
  • Developed an automated testing procedure (downloading the latest build, installing the software and running test streams became automatic)

Key Technologies Used:

  • Java, Eclipse, HTML, SQL Anywhere, T-SQL, batch files

Feb 2002 – Sept 2002

University of Waterloo -
Computer Systems Group
◾ Waterloo, Ontario

Computer Research Assistant

  • High school co-op placement until June 2002, then hired full-time as a summer job
  • Contributed to several group projects including a mapping system where users can define landmarks and zones on an image of a map through a web interface

Key Technologies Used:

  • Cold Fusion (a web server language similar to PHP or ASP), Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, HTML, XML, SQL

Nov 2000 – July 2004

Zehrs Markets
◾ Kitchener, Ontario

Grocery Clerk