Bill White

Snowball Brawl

  • Snowball Brawl is a game that Bill created with Unity 3D and C#
  • 3D models and animations were made with Blender and Unity Mecanim
  • 2D artwork and textures were mostly created with GIMP
  • Google Play Services are used for achievements and leaderboards on Android
  • Snowball Brawl will soon be available for free on the Google Play Store (Android) and then the App Store (iOS). In-game coins will be used to play the unlimited score levels. Additional coins can be obtained for free over time, by watching advertisements or through in-app-purchases.
  • The game currently features 7 story levels, 3 score levels and 5 enemy types
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Falling Tetrominoes

  • Falling Tetrominoes is a java applet that Bill created in 2009 so that he could learn more about graphics programming and java applets/servlets
  • The visuals in this game are all drawn with a 3D graphics engine that Bill created using just the java.awt.Graphics class
  • Everything is drawn with manual calls to drawSprite(), drawLine() and fillPolygon() with no help from a commercial game or 3D engine
  • Math is used to map from 3D space to the 2D screen
  • The game also features a high score system with global top scores hosted on an online server running a java servlet connected to a SQL Database
  • Gameplay is similar to Tetris with a few additional elements thrown in to take advantage of the 3D view
  • Unfortunately, java applets are now obsolete for security reasons so it can no longer be played online

3D Models & Animation

  • While his focus has always been on the programming side of game development, Bill has also learned how to make some of the art
  • Bill has created dozens of 3D models and animations with 3ds Max and Blender. Here are some examples of his work:

Web Design

  • Bill is also a skilled web developer with extensive experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP and ASP
  • He has developed numerous websites for a variety of businesses as well as custom wedding websites for couples
  • Here are some examples: