Bill White

Software Development

Software Logos
  • 10+ years of professional experience designing, coding, testing, debugging, installing, maintaining and documenting software throughout the entire software development life cycle
  • Over 7 years of experience with C#, Visual Studio and .NET
  • Experienced with many other languages and IDE's including C, C++, Java, VB6, Eclipse and Monodevelop
  • Extensive knowledge of multiple 3rd party libraries and tool-kits including Infragistics, Live Controls AJAX Toolkit, Crystal Reports, JSON.NET, AWT, Swing, GWT and more
  • Experience with several revision control systems including Visual Source Safe (VSS), Perforce and Git

Game Development

Pictures of Bills games A picture of Bills game Snowball Brawl A picture of Bills game Falling Tetrominoes
  • More than 3 years of experience with Unity3D
  • Experience with Google Play Services (In-App-Purchases, Statistics, Leaderboards, Achievements)
  • Extensive knowledge of virtual 3D environments (OpenGL, WebGL, PhysX, XNA, particle effects)
  • Created my own 3D graphics engine
  • Experience with shader code (GLSL, HLSL, ShaderLab) and shaders for objects as well as projections
  • Experience with Autodesk and Blender 3D modeling and animations
  • Experience with Unity Mecanim animation and blend trees

Web Development

Web Logos A picture of several websites Bill developed
  • Extensive (8+ years) experience with Javascript/JQuery, PHP, ASP.NET, CSS and HTML
  • Over 4 years of experience with AJAX, SOAP, JSON, XML and writing web services
  • Responsive Web Design (Try resizing this website)
  • Experience hosting websites, registering domains, setting up email servers and SSL encryption

Database Development

SQL Server Logo My SQL Logo
  • Decades of experience with multiple database technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MS Access
  • Experience with T-SQL, stored procedures, reporting, replication, ODBC, OLE-DB, DAO/ADO, etc.

Servers, Networks & Hardware

    A picture of Bill working on-site
  • More than 1.5 years of traveling to customer sites to install and support large interconnected software/hardware systems including installing and setting up servers, software, networking hardware and computer equipment
  • Experience developing software solutions for automating industrial machines with Allen Bradley PLC's, ladder logic and RSLogix
  • Web server setup and administration for IIS and Apache Tomcat servers
  • Experience with network design and programming Cisco Routers

Other Skills & Interests

A picture of Bill working on a car
  • Experience working with customers gathering requirements and understanding business objectives
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability to problem solve and troubleshoot independently
  • Very quick to learn new technologies and concepts
  • Comfortable performing nearly all of my own automotive and household mechanical repairs
  • Enjoys investing, traveling, closed course (track) auto racing, boating, running and golf
  • Enthusiastic, motivated, hardworking and genuinely enjoy programming and technology
A picture of Bill at a charity run A picture of Bill driving his race car