Wedding Party

Her Team

His Team


Alanah Jones (Maid of Honor)

Alanah was Paige's first friend when she moved to Canada in 2002. They quickly became inseperable after meeting in middle school and remain best friends to this day.

Misty Eve Thornhill

Misty was Paige's college roommate for two years while they attended Niagara College.

Karolina Gogol

Paige and Karol have been close friends since high school. She was at Pottahawk with them when Bill and Paige met.

Brooklin Cachia

Brook and Paige became great friends after highschool and are still great friends no matter what.

Brooke MacMillan

As soon as Paige and Brooke met, they hit it off right away and became the best of friends.

Kristina McGee

Kristina has been Paige's friend since Paige was 6 years old. They grew up together in Jacksonville Florida. Kristina still lives in Florida but their friendship remains strong.


Wray Chislett (Best Man)

Bill and Wray became friends in high school. They've gone to Wray's family cottage every year since for an annual camping and paintball event. The two were even living together at one point and will always be best of friends.

Carl Baker

When Bill first moved to Kitchener from Sault Ste. Marie, he met Carl who lived just up the street. While Carl spends much of his time with his family and new baby now, he and Bill still remain close friends.

Brock White

Brock is Bill's brother, the middle child of the White family. Being so close in age, the two shared many of the same interests, hobbies and friends as they made their way through childhood. This experience allowed them to become very close friends. Brock lives in Alberta now but the childhood bonds between these brothers is everlasting.

Bryan White

Bryan is Bill's youngest brother and just like with Brock, they have always been close. When they were young they would entertain one another on long car rides during family vacations. Even after Bryan moved out to Alberta to snowboard all those years ago they still keep in regular contact and on those occasions when they do get together it's just like old times.

Jonathan Cortese

Jonathan is Paige's brother and soon to be Bill's brother-in-law. Jonathan has never had a brother but Bill couldn't be happier to be gaining another one.